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dog. BUT, like a lot of things, sometimes more is better, and in this case, having more physical security, more light or more noise is going to be in your favor. Also, having a big dog on the property lets the pros know when they are looking for an easy mark that perhaps your house is not an easy mark. WATCHDOGS . mobile, four footed burglar alarm. bark insistently and steadily when an entry is attempted, and . to the entry point to pinpoint it for you as . yap. PROTECTION DOGS are animals with advanced obedience training. On your command, they will bark and lunge at an aggressor, snapping at him without actually biting him. Also upon your command, they will immediately sit or lie and fall silent.


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BE CAREFUL OF THE UPSELL. When you’ve completed the walkthrough and have agreed on the system configuration your technician, if applicable, should provide you with an updated statement reflecting the cost of any changes or additions made to the order and an estimate for how long the install will take. Installation time can vary greatly depending on the size of your home, type and amount of equipment, and competency of the installer. Once the install is complete, they will again walk with you through the home confirming that the equipment is installed where and how you discussed. Following this the technician will activate you system, and run you through basic system controls. We strongly encourage you to explore the system and its features, before the representative leaves so you can address any additional questions or concerns that may arise.